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Lovely Brothers
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Monday, 23 April 2012


Short Bio of Sahita's Dancers & Works

Wahyu Widayati
She is commonly known as Inonk, works at Taman Budaya Surakarta and the leader of Sahita Dance Theatre group. She has been active in theperforming arts since joining Teater Gapit in Solo, and has also performed in works by Sardono W. Kusumo, Elly Luthan, Irawati K, Djarot Budi Dharsono. Mugiyono Kasido, Dedek Wahyudi, Laksmi Simanjutak, Supraplo Suryo Darmo, and Begawan Ciptoning.

Sri Setyoasih
She is a lecturer in Department of Dance at Indonesia Arts Institute, Surakarta (ISI Surakarta), former dancer of Bedhaya Ketawang Karaton Surakarta. She founded and lead a lesung group in her village of Bonoroto, Solo. Her choreography works are Komposisi Topeng, Lalistavista, Loroblonyo, Bedhaya Arumnalu, Pasar Gedhe Kenyataan, and Kasunyataan Suharti. She is more commonly known as Hartuk. She is a student on the postgraduate program at ISI Surakarta as well, an active member of Studio Taksu and frequently performed in other choreographers' works such as Mugiyono Kasido, Saryuni, Eko Supendi, Ni Komang Yuti, Djarot 8. Dharsono, and Wen Hui. She regularly participates in various workshops and dance rehearsals.

Sri Lestari
She is better known in the performing arts community as Cempluk. She started her artistic career as a member of Teater Peron at Universitas Negeri Surakarta and Teater Gapit. She has performed in other choreographers’ works such as Sardono W. Kusumo, Elly Luthan. Deddy Luthan, and Sri Setyoasih.

Atik Kencono Sari
She began her career in performing arts as a vocalist specializing in keroncong music, a respected painter and to have performed in numeroustheatre works with Teater Gidag Gidig. Teater Surakarta, Teater Gapit. Slamet Gundono. St. Wiyono, and Dedek Wahyudi.

Dance Works:
Srimpi Srimpet, Srimpi Ketawang Lima Ganep, Iber-iber Tledek Barangan, Pangkur Brujul, Seba Sewaka, and Glathik Glindhing.

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